Media martyrdoms in Mosul

Ahmad Hajar, Turkmen Eli Head of Newsroom suffered martyrdom on Friday by DAASH snipers’ fire during military attack in Kirkuk.
In Mosul, military correspondent Yaser Abdulrahman, and Cameraman Hajr Burwary from Speeda Satellite Channel, were martyred by an explosive filling that destroyed their vehicle in Nuran sector during covering the battels at the northern part of Mosul.
Furat correspondent Ahmad Alzaidi suffered from several injuries in his upper legs and feet, sustained during his coverage of Bartala victories when a shelling exploded near him at the front lines, accordingly he was sent to Erbil hospital for medical attendance.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses it deep console towards fellow media personnel, it calls upon all media bodies not to involve any media worker in such coverage without providing safety measures and calls all journalists to adhere to high level alert during moving in battlefields.

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