Almerbad Radio correspondent attacked by Security forces

Almerbad Radio Correspondent in Basrah, Ali Albadran was attacked by a number of security forces during his coverage of the incident of bombing a liquors store in Bashar Street in the old part of Basrah on Tuesday. Related, Fuad Ahilfi, correspondent for a Turkish News Agency was banned from shooting.
Badran told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that Intelligence, Criminal Dep., and local police have prevented him along with the correspondent for a Turkish Agency from covering the bombing site after midnight. Then a civil dressed member of security forces attacked him and started to beat him brutally in all parts of his body without any warning or cause. He added that this aggressive act was accompanied with accusing all media personal that they are the main cause of deteriorated situation that the people have reached today. He seized Badran’s phone and radio equipment. He commented that other security members were simply entertaining themselves with this torture party without moving a speck. Whilst others erased the footage of the bombing after abusing him and defaming his Radio.
Badran was transferred to a hospital and is now in the process of filing a lawsuit against the aggressors. Whereas Ahilfi said that his camera was confiscated for some time after being maltreated and abused.
It is to be noted that being a journalist in Basrah puts you in a daily struggle with security forces.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strongly condemns these actions it confirms that the violations that journalists are subjected to in Basrah and all of the other Iraqi provinces is a dire aggression against constitutional stipulations that secured press exercise in Iraq. The association also brings to attention that it already has submitted a memorandum of protest to MP Dr. Haider Alibadi concerning the continuous aggressive conduct against press demanding him to issue a directive that prohibit any security forces from attacking press or banning press coverage; unfortunately no action was taken.
The association also invites all international organizations to support Iraqi journalists and press upon the GOI to protect journalists from these violations.
The association shows high concern for continuous banning; an exercise that would limit the press family to function in particular parts of the profession. An action that would widen obscurity and hide information from public especially that high ranking security officials are agitated by the presence of press on sites of security violations lest the blame would directly affect their positions.

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