Wilayat Battikh Founder and cadre under fire



Family of the Finder and Producer of the Ironic Popular Show ( Wilayat Bathikh= melon county) , Ali Fadhil , lived a horrifying night after an attack carried by a number of Bani Lam Tribal members.

Fadhil’s family was forced to leave the house for the sake of their safety, despite the fact that Baghdad Operations launched a number patrols near his home which is located at Park Assaadoun area.

Ali Fadhil reported to Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that a group of impostors took advantage of tribal traditions to assume their rights in blackmailing the program’s family, a program that exposed the corruption of many public sides in a positively criticizing way. He added that they were urged by the officials who were targeted for corruption and delinquency.

He added that they demanded a sum of ID 250 million for sparing the lives of the program crew under different excuses and titles. Fadhil added that bullets that showered his house late at night cost him a number of material damages whereas one of the bullets was a near death to his youngest child.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strongly condemns the shameful attack that our colleague and his family were subjected to by a group assuming their linkage to Bani Lam Tribe and highly appreciates the security measures taken by Baghdad Operations Command, it calls for an investigation through the facts that led to leakage of the weapons used in the attack, the weapons that escaped fixed security checkpoints and other security measures.

The association believes that attacking a family under any excuse is a dire violation to the constitution and all valid laws in the country and it handcuffs the freedom of expression in the country that was also guaranteed in the constitution. The assault is an exposed blackmailing approach against the program’s family.

The Association calls PM Dr. Haidar Alibadi commander of armed forces and Baghdad Operations Command not to suffice with spreading their security forces but seizing those involved in armed actions whom attacked the house of Huna Baghdad Satellite Channel Manager.

The Association calls International Organizations to urge the Iraqi government to protect journalists and media workers in Iraq since it is considered the worst environment for exercising journalism and freedom of expression in the world.


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