Ruz News correspondent detained by Asayesh during coverage

Swara Ahmad, Kurdish Ruz News Correspondent was detained by Asayesh Forces in Erbil during his coverage of the demonstrations that were triggered for attacking Sinjar.
The Agency told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that their colleague Mohammed was detained along with a large group including ex- MP Mohammad Kiyani, and that all the group was released except for both. The agency confirmed that his whereabouts is totally unknown.
At the time that the association severely condemns detaining any media person during exercising duty, it considers the action a dire violation to Iraqi constitution and all international agreements and laws that Iraq has signed and vowed to adhere to by both the federal and KR governments.
The association demands that the federal government interferes to take action to release the journalist and calls that all international organizations to press upon KRG to put a full stop to the mockery of violating press freedoms in Iraq since it is recorded that Erbil held the biggest share of freedom of expression violations last year. The Association confirms that it’s pursue in addressing international organizations and society along with different UN affiliates to save the remainder of space for expression and press functionality in Erbil.

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