Samaraa correspondent demands security interference due to doctor’s attack


Samer Aluqabi, Samaraa satellite correspondent in Maysan province, said that he was abused and humiliated by a doctor in Alsader Teaching hospital in the province. The attack that took place on March 29th was due to the order of covering the arrival of a Dutch medical delegation where it was agreed with Dr. Ehsan Alsudany, head of delegation, that an interview would be held to detail the procedures adopted by the delegation and the incident of coming to Maysan. For the journalist’s surprise the Dr. attacked him describing all media workers as liars and truth benders. Aluqabi, protesting, left the place and demanded the syndicate for a clarification.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strictly condemns such actions, it stresses upon the fact that freedom of expression is stated in the Iraqi constitution, accordingly it demands a thorough investigation.

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