Basra journalists file against syndicate elections

A number of journalists from Basrah filed a lawsuit against the Head of the Journalists’ Syndicate Mr. Muayad Allami. The action took place on the background of the former results of the syndicates elections in Basrah branch. They recorded a number of legal violations according to their convictions.

A number of Basra journalists told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the elections were held without legal representation. Neither the papers nor the minutes were sealed and this is a clear violation to the stipulations of item 13/1 of law no. 187 of the syndicate, in addition to creating a new post which is the deputy of branch that clearly opposes the stipulation of item 32/2 of the mentioned law.

They added that a difference was highlighted concerning the number of voters and number of votes inside the box. They demand that the results of the elections held on 21/3/2017 should be neglected especially that Allamy in person adopted the counting process.

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