Al-ahad staff severely beaten by security forces in the Middle of Baghdad


Alahad correspondent and cameraman were attacked by members of security forces and their equipment was destroyed, then led to an unknown direction.

Rabii Nadir head of the newsroom, said that correspondent Alaa Sadoun, and cameraman Rafid Jabbar were severely beaten by Tahrir square forces in the middle of Baghdad, during preparing a news report in the area.

Nader added that communication with the staff was lost after being attacked by anti-riot police, without clarifying any reasons. He demands that the government urgently intervenes to unfold the incident and to expose their whereabouts that remains unknown till this instance.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq holds the government and PM Haidar Alibadi the responsibility of their safety, it expects their release very soon.

The association also asks that an urgent investigation be held and unless doing so the association would carry out suing the violators since they clearly violated the Iraqi constitution that has secured press freedom in the country.


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