Erbil security detains NRT staff


NRT staff was detained in Erbil on Sunday morning, for 15 minutes, and all recorded material was deleted. The staff covered the demonstrations held by the elite graduates who remain jobless in spite of being promised by KRG to be immediately employed.

Shiraz Abdullah, NRT correspondent, confirmed to Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the cadre and he were surprised by cutting their live stream by parliament forces, and they were detained for about 15 minutes. The team was kept in the HOR reception for being accused of shooting unauthorized locations and Cameraman Mohammed Idris was forced to delete the recording in return for their release.

At the time that the association condemns the detention of the press cadre that was exercising their right in coverage according to Iraqi legislation, it calls all international organizations and institutions and Federal Government to interfere to save freedom of expression in Iraq and especially in Kurdistan. Crimes against freedom like abduction, detention and serial killings have recorded unprecedented numbers in Kurdistan.


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