Ambiguity folds broadcaster killing in Erbil


Kurdistan Satellite news channel, an affiliate of Kurdistani National Union, declared that a member of its staff, Soran Saqzi, was found killed in his home in unclear circumstances.

On his side, chief of police Brigadier General Abdulkhaliq Talaat, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that Saqzi shot himself in his Cafeteria “ Zayawa”.

He added that a notice was made at 6:00 pm recording a suicide incident in a cafeteria lying in 100 matry St. in Erbil. It is to be mentioned that Saqzi, 38 years old, shot himself in the chest for being totally submerged with debts that reached $ 1,000,000.

Investigations continue relating the property of the weapon. According to police.

Saqzi was the presenter of a tourism and cultural program on Kurdsat TV that takes the audience to different countries to know more about their cultures and traditions.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its deep concern towards the incident and stresses upon the importance that Erbil police exposes all the circumstances that built up the incident. Especially that the press family is highly suspicious due to the oppressing attitude they are suffering from KRG recently.

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