A journalist among the group abducted in Baghdad.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq confirmed that among the group of students that was abducted in the middle of Baghdad, was a journalist, working as a correspondant for Tareeq Alshaab paper; Abdullah Latif, works for the newspaper since several months now, is an activist in the students’ movement against freedom constraints and politicizing of colleges and faculties.

Colleagues said that Latif lived with a number of students in Saadun Street. The flat was invaded by an armed group at 1:00 am that took them to an unknown direction.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq demands that Latif be released along with the others, it highlights that the incident is considered a serious violation of freedoms in Iraq and a true terror imposed on those calling for their rights.

The association demands that PM Haidar Alibadi and security forces urgently move towards releasing those students and hold those responsible for the crime strictly accountable.


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