Kifri security arrests a correspondent for reporting a citizen stealing milk for his baby


Security forces in Kurdistan arrested NRT correspondent in Kifri district south of Kirkuk on the background of a case report about a man stealing milk for his youngster.

The Association learnt through its sources that correspondent Aram Bakhtiyar is recently held in jail according to article no. 9 of press regulations in KRG.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its high concern towards the deteriorating situation that press has reached in Kurdistan, it confirms that the report contains information and reflects the public opinion and has nothing against the government or judicial system.

The association considers the journalist’s arrest a dire violation to the Iraqi constitution and all applied international agreements and laws.

The association calls the Federal Government to interfere to release Mr. Bakhtiyar, and calls upon the international organizations to save press functionality in Iraq.

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