KRG bans three satellite channels from coverage


Payam Channel correspondent of Islamic Kurdistani Group in Erbil, Waly Saleem, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that on Saturday morning a call was made to KRG media Dep. to cover the meeting and was approved accordingly but the staff was surprised by the decision of banning the channel along with others due to their attitude towards the Questionnaire.

KNN, NRT, along with Payam channels were banned from coverage after regarding their attitude as unsatisfying by the Islamic group.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq considers the whole moody situation as a dire violation to Iraqi constitution and a contradiction to the basic foundations of democracy, the association demands the Federal Government to interfere by condemning the repeated violations adopted by KRG on different occasions. The Association also calls on all International Organizations to interfere in order to save what they can of press freedom in Iraq.

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