Seven journalists attacked during demonstrations coverage in Erbil


Seven journalists from three different media bodies were attacked in Erbil on Sunday by security forces and some protestors. The attack took place during the protest that was held by the teachers in demand of full salary payment that had been delayed for months now in KRG. Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq correspondent said that NRT staff was abused and attacked by security forces on 25/3/2018 during their coverage of the teachers’ demonstration for demanding full payment. The attack resulted in sustaining some media workers injuries and being beaten in spite of being on duty. The correspondent added that the security forces confiscated the teams’ equipment that was composed of ( HeirishQadir and Rinas Ali) correspondents and ( Mohammed Idris and Amanij Sami ) cameramen; they were beaten by security forces. At the same event,  Anatoliaagency cadre also was subjected to a similar attack by tear gas. HaimanBaban Rahim, correspondent sustained injuries in his back during shooting them with the gas by security forces, whereas Rudaw correspondent was attacked by protestors and the live broadcast was cut. At the same time protestors tried to attack SinkurAbdulrahman correspondent and Ahmad Omar , cameraman.

Press Freedom Advocacy association in Iraq condemns these attacks and demands that international organizations to interfere to eliminate these unjustified attacks and continuous abuse against media personnel especially that no deterring action was adopted to control attacking security forces in KRG. The association also demands that authorities exercise their powers to secure press freedoms constitutional rights.

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