Sharqiya Correspondent arrested in Falluja by Security Force




A security force arrested Alsharqiya correspondent Mustafa Hamid, from his home at dawn. The incident, in Falluja , Anbar, took place without any legal frame since no warrant was issued for this purpose, according to Khattab Alhiti, Sharqiya correspondent in Anbar in a statement to Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq. He added that the arrest was justified by the fact that Hamid worked for Alsharqiya without adding any other reason! Hamid is still confined at Alkhaldiya police station and no bail release was accepted.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strongly condemns this illegal arrest against Mustafa Hamid and warns all security sides that adopt such irresponsible attempts via the power they hold to target the press, from constitutional and legal consequences. The association demands that Hamid be released instantly and directs its request to the police commander of the province.


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