Two Lawsuits Filed Against NRT Correspondent in Karbalaa




NRT Arabia in Karbalaa manager, Haidar Hadi,  received two statements of lawsuits filed against him by an MP of Hikma bloc and the other from Head of Provincial Council on the background of two consecutive reports that exposed votes fraud and theft of ration card items. In a statement to PFAAI, Mr. Haidar Hadi said that he had received a warrant of a lawsuit filed by Habib Alturfy, Alhikma MP, as a response to the allegation of electoral fraud and that votes have been manipulated  by a bloc’s candidate for his favor. The other lawsuit was filed by Nasib AlKhataby, Head of Karbalaa provincial council, after reporting the suffering of the citizens in Karbalaa due to not receiving the items of their ration cards’ food baskets. Adding that he received a number of threats and aggressive calls before receiving the warrants.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq demands the investigation in any lawsuit filed against the media since it is likely to be in the frame of Mouth muzzling policy adopted by powerful governmental sides.

At the time that the association declares its full support to Haider Hadi, it confirms its approach and work with the new parliament to amend the stipulation of publishing crimes that is part of the Iraqi penalties law 1969, which is inherited from the dictatorship era; a stipulation that permits power holders and officials to press against the will of press in exposing information absent from citizens.

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