Assistant Governor of Basrah bans media coverage for Olympic Committee meeting


Muhanad Alsaad, AG of Basra, prohibited Merbid Radio from covering the meeting that joined the sports clubs of the Olympic committee in the province on Wednesday.

Badr Alsileitti, Merbid correspondent, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was banned from the coverage despite the fact that the radio received an invitation to cover the event by the Basra Directorate for Youth and Sports. He added that he was surprised by this action and that the attitude of the AG was not expected. Alsaad moved the radio’s logo away from the stand without any notice. He also said that when he returned the recording devices to the media stand Alsaad pushed them away shouting that “we don’t want any coverage by Merbid ! And do you know why…” the correspondent continued expressing his displeasure pointing out that personal attitudes are negatively affecting that media functions in a professional and unbiased way.

The correspondent confirmed that no apology was received till this moment, from the Olympic committee nor from the Governor’s office. And the whole issue was underestimated by referring it to the point that the meeting was private and no invitation was released.

At the time that Freedom Press Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns these oppressive means of dealing with media bodies an personnel, demands that Basra Governor in person tracks down the incident and that the province states its clear conduct towards Almerbid Radio.

The association assures the fact that these actions are considered a dire violation of the Iraqi constitution.

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