Governor’s security Attack correspondent in Mosul


Hamdi Altaii, Almosuliya channel correspondent was attacked by the security of the Mosul Governor, Nawfal Alaqoub.

Hamdi told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that during my coverage of the conference of solving the issues raised by Ninevah’s educators and teachers, that took place in the main hall of the teachers’ syndicate, two of the  governor’s security personnel approached him and dragged him away from his shooting spot. They offended him verbally and threatened him that he would be detained without any clarification. The site was full of other media workers and journalists.

This aggression is considered a clear constitutional violation against freedom of expression.  Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns this attitude and demands that a prompt action be taken against the repeated violations that are carried out by the VIPs’ security; by establishing an operations room that covers all provinces. The aggressions are spotted  in many provinces without any limitations. This headquarters would be the one responsible for all constitutional and legal consequences once these incidents recur.

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