Media and Communications Commission violates constitutional authority and substitutes dissolved Ministry of Information  


The organizational powers attributed to the Media and Communications
Commission stepped illegally into a wider power arena by violating the
constitutional frame; a circular was issued by the mentioned side to all registered
media establishments that warns them from infringing “national symbols”.
The book stipulates that any aggressions raised against national symbols should be
eliminated instantly and that an alternative objective conduct be adopted and to
adhere to publishing code of conduct that is issued by the commission.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq finds it quite
unusual that the commission issues such a circular since it is an organizational
side, it reminds both the commission and Iraqi Government of the 38 th item of
Iraqi constitution that ensures and secures the freedom of expression, publishing
and media activity in general without any written limitations as mentioned in the
book. In addition Iraq does not in any legal form the specifications or the identity
of a national symbol. This discussion erupted on parliament level since its second
round and continues till now.
The association stresses again that the commission holds no power over any media
body in the country according to decision no. 65 issued under Paul Bremer, CPA
leader post 2003 topple in Iraq. The trials of reestablishing a ministry for
information is deemed an unconstitutional step that attracts accountability.
The association promises to track legal procedures against Ali Naser
Alkhuwailidy, executive head of the commission due to these evident violations.
The association demands that PM Adil Abdulmahdi to invest his power to protect
the constitution and to relieve Alkhuwailidy from his post due to constitutional

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