Mosul channel team arrested upon orders of Ninawa governor



A Mosul police force on Tuesday arrested the Almosuliya channel team from the center of the city and took them to the police station. correspondence for press freedom Advocacy Association  in Iraq reported that “a police force arrested, on Tuesday afternoon, both Almosuliya correspondent (Ziad Tariq) and the channel cameraman (Ahmed Amjad) and took them to the Fifth Regiment headquarters.


“The force tried to force them to sign a pledge not to publish coverage of the old Mosul area, but they refused, and the force transferred them to a police station,” he said, adding that “the detention took place at 12 o’clock that afternoon and they were not released to the moment.”


The arrest was carried out in accordance with the orders of the governor of Mosul, Nawfal al-Akoub.

The Association demands the immediate release of the two colleagues, calls on Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi to intervene immediately and directly release them and put an end to the repeated violations that occur in the city of Mosul with the knowledge and administration of local government and in accordance with the directives of the Governor Which is supposed to keep laws inforcement in the city.

The association states that it recorded an offence against the governor of Mosul, who kidnapped a photographer and tortured him in his office, without the federal government intervening to stop this abuse and flagrant violation, and the association confirms that the arrest warrant is an unjustified legal measure, and calls on the UN agencies to intervene to maintain the context of the press work In the city.

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