Sumerian channel Accused of treason by MP



A member of the House of Representatives from Karbala province, Hamed al-Musawi, accused the Sumerian channel of treason following the channel’s broadcasting of a live report on seizure of donkey meat used by several Karbala restaurants.

The Iraqi Press Freedom Association has followed up on a lengthy publication on Facebook, accusing the Sumerian channel of working for the US embassy for publishing a story about the seizure of a quantity of donkey meat in Karbala by security forces.

The association asserts that it is unreasonable that any media body  publishes the news out of what is accused as treason, which contradicts the constitutionality of media work and qualifies it as the fourth authority.

The Association, calls immediately for the apology of MP Hamid al-Musawi,  to the channel because it contradicts with the laws that he represents as the legislative authority in the House of Representatives, and leaves room for the media to perform its tasks in uncovering the truth.

The association retains its legal right to sue the MP, as his accusation falls under the restriction on freedom of press in the country.

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