American Hurra cameraman assassinated mysteriously in central Baghdad


Al-Hurra Iraq in Baghdad, Cameraman Samer Ali Shakara, was assassinated last night in mysterious circumstances.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the incident was a non-political crime and, at the most, was intercepted by a gang with the aim of stealing his car and belongings, as Quds police station indicated that the robbers shot him with two bullets in the chest and a third in the head.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its concern about the assassination, and confirms that the journalist’s family was not convinced that the assassination of the cameraman Samer Ali was purely criminal.

The Association calls on the security authorities to show seriousness in the investigations, to announce them to public and not to cover any of their aspects.

The association also undertakes to follow the investigation, to expose the  reasons behind killing the cameraman.

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