Security force assaults Biladi staff in Baghdad



The staff of the Biladi satellite channel was assaulted by a security force while filming a live program this morning in Diyala Bridge area in Baghdad.

Channel Reporter (Asaad Zalzali) told the Iraqi Press Freedom Advocacy Association: “He and his fellow photographers (Thaer Khaled Ibrahim and Ammar Jaafar) and assistant photographer Hussain Ali, were surprised by a security force attack against them during the broadcast of the Bein-AlNAS program at 10:30 this morning, in spite of that they had earned the permission to do so from Baghdad Operations Command a day before filming in Diyala Bridge area in Baghdad. Adding that the force prevented filming and directed the camera away from the spot and tried to arrest (Hussain Ali). After arguments  they contacted the operations command to consider the approval granted to us and accordingly the situation calmed down.”


The Association, which considers the incidents of frequent assaults of the media a grave violation, especially those carried out by the security forces against journalists, calls on the Prime Minister, General commander of the armed forces and operations leaders in Baghdad and the governorates to intervene and put an end to these Violations that challenge the laws of the Iraqi constitution.

The association also calls on the Baghdad Operations Command to hold the aggressors accountable for assaulting Biladi staff.

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