Reporter hit in Qayara south of Mosul



The correspondent of Biladi channel (Mahmud al-Jamas) was wounded Wednesday during an attack by ISIS on al-Qayara base south of Mosul.

Ali al-Mayahi, a broadcaster of Biladi channel, told the Iraqi Press Freedom Advocacy Association that ” colleague (Mahmoud Al Jamas) injured his shoulder and back, while he was at Qayyara base for news coverage, and that the attack was carried out by ISIS on the base by a drone aircraft,” adding that his condition is stable now and receives Treatment at al-Qayyara hospital  “.

The Association, wishing safety and quick recovery for (Mahmoud al-Jamas), calls upon the media institutions to maintain the safety of their cadres and remote them from dangerous areas that are witnessing ongoing security operations and new movements of terrorist groups.

The association holds media organizations the responsibility of the safety of their correspondents as they are sent to war zones without war zone coverage training..

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