Security force prevents NRT staff from filming a solidarity stance with the people of Mosul in Baghdad


Security forces prevented Hassan Tariq, a correspondent for (NRT) Channel, from filming a solidarity stand with the people of Mosul on Friday evening.

Tariq told Press freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was prevented from filming by the members of the special forces of the presidential brigade on Abu Nuwas Street during a solidarity stand organized by the people of Baghdad to support the people of Mosul, arguing that he did not have a permit to shoot in this area. And in spite that he showed his ID but was denied by the force and ordered to move out of the scene.

Press freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the prevention against NRT staff and affirms that the leadership of Baghdad operations continues to prevent filming in public places which is a clear violation of the Iraqi constitution and laws, and this is held by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces who neglects these violations and breaches.

The association demands that the security authorities stop their elements from repeated prevention practices and disrupt the journalistic tasks assigned to the media teams, which are no less important than those of security personnel.

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