Convoy of Mosul governor run over (Yala) reporter



Correspondent of Yala Channel, Laith al-Rashidi, was hit by vehicles of the convoy of Mosul governor Nawfal Akoub.

The Coordinator of Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq said that “our colleague (Laith) was injured at the site of the ferry sinking in the tourist island in Mosul after he was hit by the car of Governor Nawfal al Akoub, who was facing rising popular anger of the victims’ families,” and added that he was now transferred to the hospital for treatment.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, wishes for the safety and speedy recovery of fellow (Laith al-Rashidi), strongly condemns the actions of the governor’s irresponsible protections, which exceeded all limits of decency to protect the lives of those present at the scene, as this act is a flagrant violation of the freedom of the guaranteed journalistic work Constitutionally, and that the photographer’s intended colleague was run over with the aim of preventing the protests of Mosul residents against the governor.

The association calls on the three Presidencies in the city to follow the circumstances of the sinking ferry along with including the irregularities of the governor and his repeated protection of violations against journalists in the city to impose necessary penalties, that are a clear violation of the Constitution and laws of Iraq, especially that The governor is accused of kidnapping the Italian agency cameraman last summer.

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