Lawyer jailed under the Crimes of publishing inherited from previous era


A judge manipulated what happened between him and lawyer Fuad Ahmed Farman in accordance with article 226 which provides (to be punished by imprisonment up to seven years or a fine whoever insults by any means in public, council of the nation, the government or the courts or the armed forces or other bodies, public authorities or interests or official circles or semi-formal corporates); one of the articles sought to be amended by Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq this year..

Fouad Farman was defending his client in a case, and used words during his defense, the judge regarded them as humiliating as he deliberately disregarded Article 28 of the law that prohibits arresting any lawyer in the state of defending his client..

Press freedom in Iraq declares its solidarity with lawyer Ahmed Fouad, and states that the continuation of justice ruling on legal material inherited from the previous era is considered as a violation of the Iraqi constitution, and a breach of conventions and treaties signed by Iraq.

The Association fears revamping inhereted dictatorship laws to restrict freedom of expression, under the pretext of a lack of alternative texts, or the failure of the legislature to repeal or cancel those in force..

Supreme Judicial Council is urged by the association to intervene to protect the constitution, and legal materials inherited from the era of dictatorship, as it calls on all Iraqis and legal bar and all journalists and anyone who uses “means of publicity to express their opinions” to support the association in their attempts to amend sections of the penal code of 1969, including those articles on freedom of expression and media and advertising and publishing in all its forms. The association has reportedly worked for years on the articles of the penal code that can be punishable by any individual who could misuse them via power, as was used by the previous regime in the need to strike opponen

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