IMN Beirut Office Manager Threatened on the Background of exposing Interpol Convicts’ files

Ameen Nasser, Iraqi Media Network Manager in Beirut is subjected to dire threats and a series of pressing acts on the background of circulating information about ex-Iraqi officials who were arrested in Lebanon by the international Interpol.

Nasser told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the threats were of tribal nature imposed by one of the aggressors whom the IMN in Baghdad and the Board of its trustees are receiving complaints against him filed by one of the Iraqi ambassadors to Europe. The reason is that he continues to publish the information of arresting the former Kirkuk Governor, Najmuldin Karim.

He added that the Ex-Governor of Baghdad Naim Aboub threatened to resort to the tribes to muzzle his mouth and stop him from continuing to publish the details surrounding his detention.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its support to Mr. Ameen Nasser, it confirms that the event is a clear violation to the Iraqi constitution that secured freedom of expression and publication and journalism by all means.

The association also calls on the IMN cadres and Board not to hasten the process of receiving complaints of officials, diplomats and politicians, to weaken its staff’s positions. We demand that PM Dr. Adel Abdulmahdi, to issue a directive that would eliminate the interference of the executives in IMN’s function since, according to its bylaw, an independent body.

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