NRT Arabic prevented from shooting in Southern Baghdad

A security force prohibited” Aldunya Bkhair” staff of NRT from shooting their program in Abu Dsheir area in Baghdad last Thursday.

Aziz Alrubaii , program presenter, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he and his colleagues were on duty to shoot an episode of their program in Abu Dsheir area in Baghdad after acquiring all requested permits from valid authorities for a two- day period. When we came back to the location the next day, Thursday, we were prohibited from entering the site by the main checkpoint. Alrubaii added  that they reminded the security of the permits and valid procedures they adhered to and then they let them through but unfortunately this didn’t last long before calling us to instruct us of prompt evacuation from the area and force would be used against us if we continue shooting. We were surprised of the aggressive behavior of the checkpoint on our way out.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns the above mentioned attitude against the NRT staff and calls on the Security sides and Baghdad operations in Chief to allocate a certain and defined side to issue the permits for media to avoid this frequent scenario that hinders journalism and other media coverage on duty.

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