Al-Jazeera- Erbil’s Manager beaten by unidentified armed force


An anti-terrorist force in Kurdistan attacked al-Jazeera’s Ahmed Zawiti office in Erbil

He said that he was severely beaten by forces claiming to be affiliated with the anti-terrorist forces, while covering the armed attack that killed the Turkish vice consul in Erbil on Wednesday, despite showing his ID, adding that they beat him after they asked him to stop the coverage, and he begged them to give him Minutes to lift the equipment of the accompanying staff

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the unjustified brutality the colleague (Ahmed Zuweiti) was subjected to during the performance of his journalistic duties, and considers this a flagrant violation of the freedom of journalistic work  that was guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution

The association calls on the leadership of the anti-terrorism agency in Erbil and the Ministry of Interior to open an immediate investigation of the aggression, to punish the aggressors, and to issue directives not to expose media cadres during emergency coverage

According to the Association, there are high rates of attacks by force against media professionals in the provinces in the region every year, which calls for the intervention of the United Nations to put an end to these violations

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