Al-Ahd TV reporter prevented from entering Wasit Divan building


On Wednesday, al-Ahd TV reporter Ali al-Zamili was prevented from entering the Wasit Divan building and a number of colleagues expressed solidarity with him

Al-Zamili told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was heading to the provincial Divan building to cover the conference of the Minister of Labor in the building and at the gate he was denied entry by the media department manager and at the same time, is the head of the branch of the journalists syndicate in Wasit (Majid al-Atabi) who claimed to make an appeal against him following the reports he  made that criticized the governor’s work, and then most of the media colleagues refused to cover the conference in solidarity

The Association condemns the denial of Ali Al-Zamili, correspondent for Al-Ahd TV, and calls on the governor of Wasit to follow up on the incident, which is a clear violation of the laws of freedom of expression, whether the colleague is prevented from covering the conference or entering the provincial building; a task of the central and local authorities

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