Media prevented from Siemens contract coverage in Basra


A group of media channels were prevented from covering the signing of a contract with SiemensGerman Company in Basra.

“The security team of the Minister of Electricity (Luai al-Khatib) prevented the cadres of INEWS, Wt and Al-Hayat Radio Iraq from entering the site of signing a contract with Siemens German companyto improve the electricity sector, which was held on Wednesday morning at the Basra International Hotel, on the grounds that their names weren’t on  the lists of invited journalists.” “The names and invitations have already been allocated by the Ministry of Electricity,” he said Press Freedom Advocacy association in Iraq, calls on the Minister of Electricity to follow up the incident since the prevention order is a violation of the journalistic work, and to ensure that such directiveswouldn’t be repeated by security elements or the ministry’s media section by excluding media bodiesfrom coverage

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