Civil Aviation Authority bans Sumeria from entering Baghdad International Airport

Sumerian satellite channel was prohibited by Civil Aviation Authorities and the administration of Taxi Baghdad from entering Abbas Ibn Farnassquare to conduct their duty.

Sumerian correspondent Hisham Waseem told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that He and fellow photographer Haidar Ibrahim went this morning to Abbas Ben Farnas Square and Baghdad International Airport for the purpose of media coverage about the airport’s activities and new procedures” ; Civil aviation and another person from the Baghdad Taxi Administration prevented the staff from entering Abbas Bin Farnas Square to perform their duties in media coverage, despite obtaining approvals prior approaching the filming site.

The Association condemns the repeated cases of prohibitions that contradicts to the Iraqi Constitution and laws to which media are subjected by all institutions, and calls on the Civil Aviation Authority and the airport administration to clarify its point on the incident and take future measures to illuminate such actions..

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