Detention of Al-itijah staff at Bashiqa

Al-itijahTV staff in Mosul were detained by a security force at the entrance of Bashiqa, east of the city..

The channel’s correspondent, Momen Maher, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he and the staff of the channel were heading to the city of Bashiqa on Tuesday for media coverage, while a number of security control elements at the city entrance prevented them from proceedingand adopted an aggressive attitude against them that eventually led todetention, “we were released after the intervention of the provincial police command and a number of other authorities,” he said.

The Association condemns the incident of detention, prevention and assault against Al-itijahchannel in Mosul city which was carried on by members of a security force tasked with protecting all segments of society.

The association underlines that it has monitored the frequency of attacks by security forces in the city of Mosul, and calls on the provincial operations command to intervene immediately to eliminate these attacks.

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