NRT correspondent arrested in Sulaimaniya


Kurdish channel NRT correspondent was arrested in Sulaimaniyah during his covering an activity in one of the city’s districts.

The coordinator of Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, followed the incident of arresting (Ayoub Ali Warti), correspondent of NRT channel, who was arrested on Wednesday while covering the activity of the movement (the new generation ) who carried out the works in Rania district of Sulaimaniyah city amid the refusal of the regional authorities; he said that NRT correspondent, Ayoub Ali Warti, was arrested by armed elements claiming to be security agents, and that Ayoub has not been released yet.

The Association condemns the arrest of AyoubAli Warti and calls on the regional security authorities to release him immediately, and not to use media workers as political tools as they carry out a professional mission

The association follows the status quo ofjournalism in the cities of KRG, which record a rise in the level of restrictions on media workers by the regional authorities and security elements there, which requires international intervention to protect journalists

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