Al-ahd Channel banned from coverage in four hospitals


Al-Ahd tv crew were prevented from filming the victims of protests by security forces in several hospitals.

“The staff of al-Ahd Tv; a correspondent, a cameraman and an assistant photographer, were on a mission to film the wounded in the demonstrations at Madinatultib Hospital, but they were prevented from filming because of a joint operation order to the Ministry of Health that the media should not be allowed to film the injured civilians and military personnel,” the source said. The incident repeated itself in other hospitals ( Alkindi, Aljumla Alasasabiya, and Sheikh Zayid where the guards prevented entrance)

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the restrictions on press freedom and frequent prohibitions from coverage and the coverage of events, especially with the interruption of internet service in most provinces isolating the public from the events, and these practices are flagrant violations of the Constitution.

The association calls on the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the Minister of Interiorto take urgent measures to curb violations against the Iraqi press, and international organizations need to intervene to set measures to preserve the remaining freedom of press and media in Iraq.

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