AlSumeria cameraman hit by canister during covering protests in Baghdad


AlSumeria and Alsumeria news channels cameraman Ali Jasim was hit by a gas canister during his coverage of the ongoing protests in Baghdad.

Ali Abdulzahra from AlSumeria newsroom told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that during the channel’s coverage of the protests that are taking place in Altahrir square in Baghdad, Ali Jasim was injured by a directed gas canister that left cuts on his hand and abdomenand accordingly was quickly carried to hospital. He is under medication and in the process of diagnosing the severity and type of injury.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq holds the government and anti- riot forces full responsibility of the injuries and violations sustained by the press personnel during protest coverage. At the same time it wishes Ali Jasim a hasty recovery.

The Association stresses upon the fact that the government deploys untrained personnel for dismantling the protests as confirmed by the observers who are permanently on protest ground in Tahrir square. They emphasize that those forces fire randomly therefore there is a high toll of injuries and losses among protestors and media personnel. 

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