Failed assassination attempt against Asia TV presenter


Asia TV presenter Ishtiaq Adel was the target of an assassination attempt by masked gunmen on Friday morning.

One of the employees of The Asia Channel Mustafa Al-Dhahabi told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that Ishtiaq was shot by an armed group, wearing masks, the moment she left her home in the area of Saba Abekar in Baghdad, resulting in bruises on the leg, and a coma as a result of panic, she was taken to the hospital for treatment, pointing out that Ishtiaq changed her mobile phone number two days before the assassination attempt.

Ishtiaq is the presenter of The Extra Youth Program at Asia Channel, which is concerned with young people away from political issues.

The association learned that the victim had received threats through text messages received from unknown numbers, which did not take it seriously, or inform the security services, and only changed its number.

The Association for the Defense of Press Freedom, wishing for the safety of the media colleague Ishtiaq Adel, considers what it has been subjected to as a violation of the freedom of journalism.

The association also calls on the Ministry of Interior and the competent authorities to open an investigation into the incident and to reveal who is behind the killing of the journalists.

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