IMN Denied Coverage in Maysan


Iraqi Media Network cadres were obstructed by security forces in Maysan; on their way to duty, they were verbally abused.

Ahmad Aljizany, Iraqia correspondent told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was accompanying cameraman Hussain Najm. On Friday During heading to work, Special Duty Security members obstructed their way in Maysan.

Aljizany added that he talked with the security forces about the decision concerning the exemption of press from curfew; they refused listening to them and ordered them either to go back or get arrested under curfew violation.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns what our co-workers are subjected to and how their work is obstructed. It also expresses its awe towards the attitude of the security forces when dealing with the decisions of the crisis cell at this critical time, especially those enabling press circulation.

The association demands that all security forces and concerned sides in Maysan, refrains from attacking journalists and media workers, and obstructing their function and to adhere to valid laws and regulations that secure press freedom in Iraq.

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