Al-Rasheed TV cameraman beaten in Kirkuk


A traffic policeman in Kirkuk beat al-Rasheed TV cameraman Ibrahim Abdullah on Thursday morning.

Ibrahim Abdullah told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the traffic man beat him severely while he was going to cover the curfew in Kirkuk, in one of the security controls, asking him to leave the place immediately, despite the fact that colleague Abdullah holds documents of ID and the permit of operations.

Abdullah said he planned to file a lawsuit against the traffic man, who beat him.

The Association wishes safety to fellow cameraman Ibrahim Abdullah, and the attack is a disregard for the constitution and the laws and regulations issued that exclude journalists from the recent curfew.

The association is also surprised that the series of attacks on journalists continues undeterred by government agencies.

The association holds the Ministry of Interiorand the relevant authorities responsible for repeated attacks because none of the violators of the security forces have been held accountable.

The association, through monitoring reports, confirms that the situation of freedom of the press and the expression of opinion is in seriousrisk and continuous decline since the start of the demonstrations in October, an indication of the decline of democracy in the country in general.

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