Dijlah banned from coverage in Thi-Qar


A Thi-Qar police force prohibited Dijla cadre from covering the current demonstrations witnessed by the city.

The channel’s correspondent in Thi-Qar, Rasim Karim told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that cameraman Nour Alsaidy and himself were heading to the site of live coverage of the return of demonstrators to the streets in Rifaii area, on Tuesday 28/4/2020 when a checkpoint stopped them and demanded that they leave the site immediately.

Karim said he had contacted the Director of information at Thi Qar police command, Colonel Fouad Karim, and informed him of a recent book from the command, which prevents Dijla channel from live coverage of the events, without clarifying any reasons.

The Association condemns the ban on the staff of Dijla Channel from performing their work, and it is a constitutional violation of the principles of freedom of press and media work in the country.

The association renews its call for the security leaders in the country and the local police in Thi Qar to work in accordance with the principles of the constitution, and to abide by the law, which guarantees the media cadres to work freely without prevention, and the need to stop such acts issued by security sides, which are supposed to be keen to comply with the constitution.

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