Media Threatened by Security Forces in Tikrit


Salahuldin security Forces banned the cadres of (Dijla, Sumeria, Furat, Malwiya, and Alitijah) channels from coverage and threatened to arrest them on Saturday.

Mohamed Qader, Manager of Almalwiya office, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq on a phone call that: his cameraman, Ahmad Hazim, Dijla correspondent, Baraa Kana’an, its cameraman Samer Abbas, Sumeria cameraman Ahmad Shihab,  Furat correspondent,  Omer Abdulkarim Tayeh, and Alitijah correspondent, Sufyan Yousif were banned from covering the attacks against security posts near Tikrit. Adding that the security forces demanded that they leave the site at once, clarifying that the Force Officer and a colonel threatened them to be arrested in case of any coverage or shooting taking place.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the constant denial against media cadres’ coverage and considers these incidents as grave violations to the constitutional stipulations that secure press freedom in Iraq.

The association demands that the Ministry of Interior takes serious and hastened actions to control individual security violations that result in banning media cadres from coverage and threatening them.

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