Media cadres arrested and equipment confiscated in Duhok

Security forces in Duhok arrested cadres of Kurdish, Spida , CG and Xabir channels while covering demonstrations in the province on Saturday evening.
A reporter for The GKurdistan Channel (Azad Shakur) in a telephone conversation with Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq confirmed the arrest of his colleague correspondent (Karwan Sadiq) in Dohuk and the confiscation of his equipment, and the closure of his personal phone, after covering the demonstration organized by teaching staff in Dohuk, to protest against delayed payment of their salaries.
The forces also arrested Spida TV reporter Ali Diwali, cameraman, Hejer Barwari, the Director of Xabir TV channel, Mahir Sagvan, and the director of its radio, Ahmed Khaled, while they were near the site of the protests for coverage, and confiscated their equipment. Adding that they were not released until the time of reporting.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the arrest of the journalists in Duhok, since their detention clearly violates the freedom of the press and media, and expresses concern about the recent impact of the freedom of journalist work in the region after increasing detentions and arrests, without arrest warrants.
The association calls on the security forces in the region to quickly reveal the journalists’ whereabouts when arrested, and to release them immediately. The association demands ending all violations against media cadres due to coverage or exercising their duty.

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