Sound Bomb Targets Journalist’s Home in Baghdad

Unidentified gunmen targeted the home of the news editor of Asia News Channel (Ali Deram) with a sound bomb on Wednesday evening.
In a telephone conversation with Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, Deram confirmed that the sound device was homemade and placed in front of his house in Alshaab Area, resulting in material damage without any human casualties.
Deram said he was surprised by the attack on his home, without accusing any particular party, adding that he was leading a quiet life without enmity or rivalries with anyone.
Deram previously worked for Asia TV as a sports presenter for NRT Arabia before being shut down after unidentified gunmen stormed its headquarters and destroyed its transmitters and equipment last October, and also served as a reporter for several agencies.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq wishes safety to the fellow journalist and his family, it considers this targeting a flagrant violation of the freedom of journalism in the country.
The association calls on the security services appointed in the capital, Baghdad, to open an immediate investigation into the incident, and to prosecute those who target the lives of journalists, and to reveal all facts, otherwise the new government will be similar to the previous one, which turned a blind eye to those involved in the targeting of journalists and the media, and concealed investigations that showed some of the suspects in a number of attacks.

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