Silo Official prevents Rudaw staff from covering conference in Kirkuk


The Director in charge of the administration of Silo Kirkuk (Najaf Musa Sinel) prevented Rudaw channel team from covering a press conference in Kirkuk on Saturday morning.

Fellow reporter Hiwa Hussam al-Din told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was on an official coverage with photographer Ahmed Najat to cover the extraordinary conference held by the provincial agriculture committee in Silo Kirkuk, and was prevented by the director of the silo from exercising his duty, after he surged into the shooting site and live broadcast, and overstepped the staff with insults and offences.

Hiwa said he had spoken to the silo’s director to allow them to complete the conference coverage, but the latter insisted on stopping filming and ordered them to leave immediately.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the ban on fellow journalists from doing their work, which is a clear violation of the freedom of journalistic work.

The association calls on the concerned authorities and officials of government institutions in Kirkuk to allow the press and the media to play their role in transferring all activities and events carried out by state ministries and institutions, and to stop attacking journalists and obstructing their work.

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