Traffic man prevents a channel reporter from reaching his job


A correspondent for al-Sumeriya tv in Baghdad, was prevented from reaching his workplace sunday morning, by a traffic man at a checkpoint in Al-Jadriya,.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq learned from the family of the channel that colleague Ali Khashan was prevented from crossing one of the checkpoints near the two-story bridge in the area of Al-Jadriya, while he was going to his work at the channel, even after showing his identification but the traffic man insisted on preventing him, and demanded that he leave the street immediately.

Despite being excluded from the health quarantine procedures and the crisis cell’s assertions, a number of journalists complained about checkpoints in Al-Jadriya area after they were prevented from crossing their vehicles.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq stressed upon the fact that it is a violation of the freedom of journalists to be prevented from carrying out their duties and denied access to work.

The association calls on the Ministry of Interior and the concerned authorities to take swift and immediate measures to end the phenomenon of dealing in accordance with non-professional whims and moods, and to comply with the directives of the High Committee, which excluded journalists from the bans.

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