Journalists Suffocate by Tear Gas in Basra


A number of fellow journalists were subjected to tear gas attacks on Tuesday evening in Basra.

A representative of Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Basra said that reporters of Marbad and i- News Ahmed Al-Mozani and Fouad Al-Halafi and AP cameraman Nabil Al-Jurani were present in front of the office building of the Parliament in the province, to cover the events of the demonstrations there, and were suffocated by the heavy firing of tear gas by the security forces to disperse the protesters.

The city of Basra witnessed violent clashes between security forces and protesters on Monday, after they fired shots and tear gas to disperse the demonstration.

A number of journalists accused the security forces of deliberately firing tear gas in places where journalists were present or any television camera.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq wishes safety to media colleagues, while calling on the security forces to protect journalists in the line of duty.

The association also calls on media cadres to take safe positions at the time of events, and to be cautious to avoid being endangered.

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