Al-Taghyir banned from covering a hospital fire in Karbala


Members of the security forces responsible for protecting the Turkish hospital in Karbala prevented the staff of Al-Taghyir Channel from covering the fire that broke out inside the hospital on Monday morning.

In the first few minutes of the fire, the channel’s correspondent in Karbala, Jassim al-Hammam, said he had arrived in the first few minutes of the fire with the cameraman to cover the incident, and that security forces had prevented him from entering and coverage, and asked him to leave immediately.

The fire, which broke out this morning, was the second of its kind after the building opened last month.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq considers prohibiting fellow journalists from carrying out their duties, a clear violation of the freedom of journalistic and media work in the country.

The association calls on the security forces of all government institutions to stop preventing journalists from doing their jobs and allowing them to convey the reality to the public.

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