In Wasit Journalist Home surged by militants

A military force that was dressed as civilians surged the home of Alfurat Satellite channel correspondent in Wasit, Riyadh Alikaili, and threatened to neutralize him on the background of covering the case of seizing governmental property.

Alikaili told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that several days ago he was attacked by civilian dressed militants, who were linked to powerful figures in Kut Sub-Mayoralty, after covering a case of some citizens complaining that there are some sides seizing governmental property and starting industrial businesses.  They broke the cameras and equipment and chased the journalist and he sought refuge in other citizens’ homes until the police arrived and provided protection. After the incident they tracked down the journalist and knew where he was living leading to surging the house for three consecutive times as they were threatening to kill him. They also attacked the family house to find the correspondent after he left his home seeking for safety. After a while I needed to attend at court to face a lawsuit that accused me of threatening the aggressors and they strengthened their allegation by fake witnesses. Next day the journalist fined and released.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq severely condemns the incident of Riyadh Alikaily in Wasit by being subjected along with his family to direct threats for carrying on his duties, it considers this a dangerous sign for deteriorating security level in the province. The incapability of the security forces to put an end to such aggressions reflects core weakness in security functions in the province. This easiness with offenders shows dire violation of Iraqi constitution that secured freedom of expression in Iraq.

The Association calls that PM Dr. Haider Alibadi, Leader General of Military Forces to hold security heads accountable for not protecting men on duty when subjected to direct killing threats, and terrifying their families in public. The association holds Wasit police full responsibility for securing the lives of Alikaily and his family.

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