Anbar Governor bans Alsharqiya; PFAAI demands accountability


Anbar governor Mohammed Alhalbousi issued orders to close the offices of Alsharqiya Satellite Channel in the province based on the book of the Communications and Media Commission that was issued some time ago that bans its functioning inside Iraqi territory.

The commission issued a clarification affiliated to its book that was signed by MP Jamal Alkarbouli concerning the legal status of the channel’s operation in Iraq; allegations were mainly built upon political differences since the MP considered that the channel played a vital role in those disputes that raised among political sides.

The association issued a statement of condemnation at the time of CMC’s issuance of the book.  It also warned from the risk of politicians’ exploitation of authority in order to constringe the freedom of press and media in Iraq.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the acts of Anbar’s Governor since it insists upon the illegality of the orders issued by the governor not leaving behind CMC’s book that was issued earlier. The procedures did not adhere to judicial order no. 65 opposed by CMC and it also violates item no. 38 of Iraqi constitution that secured the freedom of press in all its forms. The association demands that both president and PM being the guardians of the Iraqi constitution, to take action in return for exploiting the governor his powers and CMC for backing politicians running against Alsharqiya for political gains. Dr. Alibadi has recently announced his campaign against corruption and this is a fresh made file for a good start. The association places itself above all political differences but confirms for endless times that no political side holds the power to interfere and exploit its authorities to limit and set borders in front of press exercise in Iraq.

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