Asia banned by Al-Suqour


Police officers in al-Saqour checkpoint prevented a reporter and cameraman from entering Anbar province to perform their work Thursday morning.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq learned from colleagues in the channel that their correspondent Mohammed Al-Farid was with cameraman Alaa Jabbar this morning heading towards the city of Habbaniyahin Anbar, to highlight the recreational places in the area and its security, and as soon as they arrived at the entrances to the province ; Al-Suqour checkpoint, the police officers denied them entrance and coverage, and demanded a book from the Anbar operations command to allow them to enter the province, although they had told them that they were journalists and presented their IDs.

While condemning the ban on staff members from their work, Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq considers such actions as a violation of the principles of freedom of journalism in the country.

The association calls on Anbar’s security leaders to enable press and media in carrying out their work andconveying the latest security situation on ground, cooperating with them to facilitate the performance of their duties, the need to abide by the constitution and the principles of the law, which allows the press to work without any restrictions.

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